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#46 - How many of Bebai's offspring returned from Babylon?

Re: Questions #10, 11, 29, 33, 37, 40, 46, 54, 55, 56, 94, 222, 250, 262, 300, 309, 355

Response by Dave Marr:
These questions by the skeptic both pertain to the censuses taken regarding the time at which the Babylonians took Israel captive. In all fairness, these discrepancies should have all been put under one "contradiction", since they pertain to the same two censuses. However, to make it seem like there are more "contradictions" than there really are, the skeptic has randomly spread parts of this census throughout the whole collection."

Response by Wendell Leahy:
Dave gave a reasonable answer to the problems with the Babylonian census. The Baylonian census between Ezra and Nehemiah, and the many questions by SAB, are in essence one in the same questions and can be reduced to one simple response...

editors note:
Once all responses have been posted, I will link all the 'census' questions into one post....